Two years of Ukrainian Gas Sector Reform Implementation Plan – where we are and where are we going

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Two years have passed since Ukraine adopted the Gas Sector Reform Implementation Plan aimed at, inter alia, ensuring compliance with the Energy Community legal framework. The Secretariat’s report published today provides a comprehensive assessment of Ukraine’s progress with respect to the Plan’s implementation. Besides reviewing the legislative and regulatory framework in the energy sector, the Secretariat’s assessment looks into all aspects of the Plan, including reform measures in the areas of prices and social assistance, domestic gas production as well as unbundling and regulatory independence.

While acknowledging Ukraine’s progress in terms reforming its legislative framework, the Secretariat’s assessment points to serious shortcomings linked to the implementation of the adopted measures. New instruments will have to be designed to motivate Ukraine to live up to its obligations from the Energy Community Treaty and apply its national legislation in practice.


  Gas Sector Reform Implementation Plan: 2 years after


Energy Community


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