Weekly analytical report: May 8-14, 2017

"Ukrainian energy", DiXi Group


In this issue: - Why did the government extend the emergency measures in the energy sector? - How does the regulator optimize GTS operational rules before the final decision of the Stockholm arbitration? - What is the impact of sanctions on "Gazprom" european projects?

Weekly analytical report is a snapshot of key events in the energy sector of Ukraine and the region. Important developments, major political and business statements in the areas of gas, oil, electricity, renewables, and utility services. Maximum of the selected information just on few pages.

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  • Ukraine and the Association Agreement: How to Prevent a Storm?

    The project "Enhancing impact of civil society in monitoring and policy dialogue on energy and related sectors’ reforms in line with the Association Agreement implementation" presents the monitoring report on Ukraine’s progress in the implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU in the areas of energy and environment "Ukraine and the Association Agreement: How to Prevent a Storm?", covering 2016 year.

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