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Secretariat discusses gas sector reforms with head of Ukrainian regulatory authority

30 January 2018552

The Secretariat met with the Chairman of National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission (NEURC), Mr Dmitro Vovk, at its seat in Vienna.

Acoording to the official press release, the meeting took stock of the Secretariat’s ongoing assessment of the legal framework and de facto performance of the Ukrainian regulator. The meeting also served to discuss the draft methodology for gas distribution tariffs and draft public service obligation (PSO) act in the gas sector.

The draft PSO act was also discussed at a stakeholder meeting hosted by the Secretariat on 26 January. Representatives of the Parliament of Ukraine, Anti-Monopoly Committee, European Commission, the Ministry of Energy and Ukrgazvydobuvannya, the largest Ukrainian gas producer under Naftogaz, took part. This issue is of critical importance for Ukrainian energy consumers, as the current public service obligation scheme presents the biggest obstacle to gas market reform in the country by maintaining a monopoly position of the incumbent gas suppliers. It is currently subject to a dispute settlement case in the Energy Community. Participants to the meeting agreed on further drafting of the new act.

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