Kyrgyzstan: team

Kyrgyzstan: team


Syrga Isabayeva


I’m Administrator of “Budget transparency and public accountability” program in Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan. I’m holding this position since September 2008. My main responsibilities are working with operational and grant projects within Program.


Prior to working in BTPA program I was working in Public health programs of SFK, and as Administrative assistant before it.

I graduated from Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University, Department of law in 2005


Sardar Bagishbekov


Sardar Bagishbekov is an executive director of the Kyrgyz network of HRDs “Golos Svobody” (Voice of Freedom). He previously was the Chairperson of the Association of Young Lawyers in Kyrgyzstan, worked with the UNHCR project on refugees. He is senior program officer for the Freedom House, Human Rights Defender Support Project in Kyrgyzstan and regional coordinator for Central Asian Anti-torture project. As a result of his previous work experience and education, he commands knowledge of organizational capacity development, human rights situation in Kyrgyzstan and in the region, and project development and management. He possesses a vast network of contacts in the government, parliament, local NGOs and international organizations in the country. As the Executive Director, he works to promote the Golos Svobody and its projects, develop new projects and do fund raising for the Network.


The Human Rights Defenders Network “Golos Svobody” was established in 2005 on the initiative of the following leading human rights organizations: Justice, Independent Human Rights Group, Air, The Ray of Solomon, Unity- Alliance”, Key Point, Law and the People and others. The principle purpose of the establishment of this network was the cooperation of HRDs efforts to widely cover, increase effectiveness of the human rights activities and obtain real results at the national level. The areas of the organization’s activities are to protect and promote basic civil and political rights in Kyrgyzstan. The network’s activities are highlighted on the website


Nurbek Toktakunov

My name is Toktakunov Nurbek Akbarovich, at this moment I work as a director of public organization “Partner group “Precedent” (PGP), which was created in 2010. The main directions of PGP activities are the promotion of a transparency of the state system and creation of precedents of judicial contest by citizens and non-state subjects of decisions, activity (inactivity) of public authorities.


From 1996 till 2000 I was working as an investigator in the agency of internal affairs. From 2000 till 2003 I was dedicated in a private attorney practice. From 2003 I’m cooperating with human rights organizations on human rights and freedoms issues. In 2005 I initiated legal process on information demand from Ministry of justice about the number of people who were condemned to the death penalty.

From 2005 till 2007 I was coordinating the project of Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan “The access to information and administrative legal proceedings”. In 2007 I work out the project with Freedom House “The access to information and judicial contest of authority activities”. From 2007 till 2008 I participated as an attorney in OSI project “Budget monitoring of psychiatric health”.

Besides, from 2007 till 2008 I was searching budget transparency in Kyrgyz Republic within the International budget partnership’s (IBP, Washington) project. From 2009 till 2010 I was an expert in “Access to information” project (OSI, Budapest).

I was a member of Constitutional Council, created after April events in Kyrgyzstan. I initiated the changes in chapter about human rights, guaranteeing the right to access to information. The changes have been entered into the Constitution.


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