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Maneuvering capacity in Ukraine is ensured by the traditional generation - expert

03 June 2020УНН
Maneuvering capacity in Ukraine is ensured by the traditional generation - expert

Ukraine needs highly maneuverable capacities, but currently has only TPPs and water generation for maneuvering


Maneuvering generation in Ukraine is represented by coal and water generations. This was stated by the Chairman of the Ukrainian Association of Renewable Energy Oleksandr Kozakevych, UNN reports.

“Unfortunately, our maneuverable generations are only coal generation (TPPs), hydroelectric power plants and pumped storage plants,” he said.

As for atomic generation - it is basic, but works with the same load, and can change it only within 5%.

The “green” energy also cannot be called basic, or more maneuverable than coal, Kozakevych says. It depends on weather conditions, it needs to be developed - in conjunction with others.

“No one is insure against whether the sun is today or the wind is blowing. Therefore, we have never said that the development of “green” energy is a panacea. We need to build highly maneuverable capacity,” he added.

We will remind, in Ukraine, the share of “green” power makes 8%, nuclear generation - 50%. In May, NPPs produced 11% more than is envisaged in the forecast approved by the head of Energoatom.

As reported, the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection has decided to update the energy strategy until 2035, using the concept of “green” energy switch till 2050. According to the concept of the “Green Switch”, in 2050, renewable energy sources, nuclear energy, biogas will constitute a significant share of generation. Coal-fired TPPs will be completely closed.