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Who leads the anti-corruption movement in Ukraine? List of the largest anti-corruption projects

27 September 20176853
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"Ukrainian Energy" has formed a list of key anti-corruption projects in the public sector and the media area of Ukraine.

Transparency International

An international non-governmental organization which sets a goal of fighting corruption and investigating corruption issues in the world. Founded in Berlin in 1993 by Peter Eigen, the former Director of the World Bank. José Ugaz is the current chairman of the board.

Transparency International is present in more than 100 countries worldwide. The organization is most known in terms of the Corruption Perceptions Index and the Global Corruption Barometer. According to the Report Global Go To Think Index Tank for 2014, Transparency International was ranked 13th among the world's 150 leading think tanks.

The Ukrainian branch of Transparency International has grown from Creative Association TORO - a non-governmental organization registered in 1999 in Kirovohrad. From June 1, 2012, the association was officially renamed into the non-governmental organization Transparency International Ukraine.

The organization was one of the first in Ukraine to start implementing the Open Government Partnership initiative and exercises public control over its implementation even at the lapse of 5 years.

In October 2014, Transparency International Ukraine obtained full official accreditation as a branch of Transparency International.

Transparency International was one of the first in Ukraine to start changing the negative attitude to corruption whistleblowers and their protection by creating an electronic form of notifications and engaging in trainings of state authorities. The organization has held information campaigns aimed at changing the public attitude to corruption for the second consecutive year ("Wake Up! Corruption Kills!", "They Would Not Shut Up", "Corruption Should Be Noticed").

On July 1, 2016, Yaroslav Yurchyshyn became the executive director of the Ukrainian branch, with its head office in Kyiv. The organization's mission includes reduction of the corruption level in Ukraine by contributing to the transparency, accountability and honesty of the public authorities and civil society. Effective anti-corruption policy, prevention of corruption in representative authorities and private sector, and shaping negative attitude to corruption are determined as the key priorities for 2016-2017.


Corruption Counteraction Center

A Ukrainian non-governmental organization founded by Vitaliy Shabunin in 2012. The main business areas include detecting corruption schemes during pharmaceutical procurements; control over public procurements; initiating consideration of the law on the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine; creating an open state register of beneficial owners of legal entities, and opening access to property registers.

According to the data from the organization, its anti-corruption activities have resulted in 150 criminal cases.

In March 2016, the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine (GPOU) started a pretrial investigation of the organization's activities. The official ground was the application of the members of parliament to the GPOU with a request to inspect the use of the foreign aid. For the purposes of the investigation, the General Prosecutor's Office executed searches and seized documentation from the Center.

As to the criminal case opened by the GPOU in March 2016, the EU Ambassador in Ukraine Jan Tombiński stated that "he is concerned about the recent reports of the General Prosecutor's Office's investigation of the activities of the highly regarded non-governmental organization which does a great favor to the state in fighting corruption in Ukraine... these GPOU's decisions raise suspicions with respect to the pressure on the independent experts who criticize the General Prosecutor's Office".



The joint project of UA:First and Hromandske Telebachennya (Public Television) which was created in 2012. This is an independent journalistic investigation agency specialized in investigating large-scale corruption deals and high-profile political and economic crimes. The slogan of the project team is "There Are No Taboo Subjects for Us. Only Those that Are Undiscovered. So Far".



Information agency LIGABusinessInform publishes information and analytical materials on various topical subjects. At the moment, the agency encompasses a complex of informational, communicational and advertising projects: portal, video production studio LBI Production and the press center.

According to the independent rating survey "Ukrainian People Award - 2016", the portal was recognized as the best news resource of Ukraine. In addition to news and analytical materials, the website has a section called "Special Projects", in which, in particular, special investigations are regularly published about corruption in different energy sectors of Ukraine.    


NGO Stop Corruption

A non-governmental organization created at the end of 2014 - in the first half of 2015. Since the beginning of its activities, Stop Corruption has tried to combine investigative journalism, legal support and legal protection of citizens from corruption acts of government officials in Kyiv Oblast. With time, the organization spread its activities over most Ukrainian regions. Currently, there are four correspondent stations in Kharkiv, Lviv, Chernivtsi and Dnipro.

The Ukraine-wide organization's network includes more than 20 separate subdivisions and partner organizations in all Ukrainian regions.

Stop Corruption's activities involve public pressure on state authorities due to high-profile anti-corruption journalistic investigations and distribution of information in mass media. In parallel, activists make sure that the revealed information is properly assessed by law enforcement agencies.


Nashi Hroshi

There are two journalistic investigation projects with the same name in Ukraine: website and TV program. The website is supported by journalists from various Ukrainian publications. The project was launched with the help of the International Renaissance Foundation. Oleksiy Shalaiskyi is the chief editor of the website. The idea of creating the web portal arose after the events in August 2010: at that time, certain changes took place in the national tender legislation under the pressure of journalists, public activists and some politicians. These changes enabled the society to gain a wider access to the information about the allocation of budgetary funds.

The TV version of Nashi Hroshi (joint project of NGO Tom 14 and the news TV channel "24") under the leadership of Denys Bihus are broadcast on the two Ukraine-wide channels - UA:First and news TV channel "24". The journalistic investigation program "Nashi Hroshi" was first broadcast on the TV channel ZIK in the autumn of 2013. The project has repeatedly received journalistic awards.


If you have not found yourself here, please write us to the address [email protected] The list is open for update.

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