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Experts begin discussing a model of launching a retail gas market

18 January 2018205
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The purpose of launching this market is to enable household consumers to change suppliers and receive better-quality services.

This problem was discussed by the round table “Conditions in which gas consumers will be able to freely choose a supplier” organized by DiXi Group and Energy Reforms Coalition experts.

The event was held to hear the stance of market participants and understand their readiness to enter the market of gas supply to households and heat generating companies, which is currently regulated by the Procedure of charging natural gas market participants with special obligations to pursue interests of the society in the course of formation of the natural gas market.

“The purpose of today’s discussion is to understand on what terms are potential participants of the retail gas market ready to compete for household consumers. At the end of discussion, DiXi Group experts will prepare a list of recommendations for the government and the Energy Community Secretariat regarding continuing reform of the gas market”, DiXi Group President Olena Pavlenko said.

Among the discussed matters were gradual lifting of price limitations, monetization of subsides to consumers, verification of social benefit recipients, energy efficiency financing programs, unbundling of Naftogaz of Ukraine NJSC, development of own production, and facilitation of consumer access to price offers from suppliers.

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