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DTEK suggests that Ukraine takes the lead in decarbonizing Eastern Europe

17 November 2019

DTEK possesses the largest “green” power generating assets in Ukraine

Speaking at Kyiv Economic Forum, DTEK General Director Maksym Tymchenko said that given its power generation structure and the rapid growth of “green” power generation, Ukraine may take the lead in decarbonization process in Eastern Europe, Ukrainian Energy reports.

“We have to strive for it (transition to “green” sources – editor’s note). I am convinced that, given the structure we have – 50% of nuclear and 10% of hydroelectric, plus rapid growth of “green” power generation, we can rightly claim that Ukraine has the strategic goal of becoming the leader in decarbonization in Eastern Europe. It may be strange to hear that from the largest coal mining company, but we also are the largest “green” power generating company,” Mr. Tymchenko said.

In his opinion, the transition to “green” auctions is advisable, while retrospective revision of tariffs for alternative energy sources is not.

“Today, “green” power generation is growing in our country at the accelerating pace. But what made that possible? Let’s show respect to the national Ukrainian investor. And everyone around here will see how the government treats its investors,” Mr. Tymchenko continued.

He is confident that overall, investors are positive about the country’s new political leadership.

“Investors like the president, the government, the drive in the country and the desire to change it. But what investors do not like is ill-considered statements. We want “green” investments, but we are talking about restructuring and lowering,” Mr. Tymchenko added.

It is worth reminding that in early November, during the minimal nighttime consumption volume which reached the lowest point due to abnormally warm weather for this time of the year, Ukrenergo dispatchers had to twice (from 03:44 to 04:00 and from 05:25 to 06:00) limit electricity release from DTEK’s three wind power stations: Botiievska, Prymorska and Orlivska. However, the volume of “green” energy sources in the power system became so large that come next spring, Ukrenergo will have to forcibly “restrain”, at the dispatcher’s command, either nuclear power plants or “green” electricity producers in order to keep the system balanced.

Experts suggest that Ukraine adopts the model of market of balancing and accumulating capacities in which the largest “green” electricity generating companies become participants of this market.

It is worth noting that Ukraine has adopted a new law that supports renewable energy and envisages transition from “green” tariffs to auctions. This law was enacted on 22 May 2019.

According to the law, the regulatory framework required for organization of auctions must be prepared by 22 August 2019 and the first auction must be held by the end of 2019. The government also has until the end of 2019 to decide on the amount of annual quotas for the next five years.

The Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection has developed a procedure for transition to “green” auctions. This procedure proposes that information concerning construction of new power plants operating from renewable energy sources, required for organization of auctions, is to be submitted every year by 30 October.

DTEK was established in 2005 to manage energy assets held by Rinat Akhmetov’s System Capital Management (SCM, Donetsk). This corporation is responsible for strategic management of the group’s enterprises, and serves as a vertically-integrated coal mining and beneficiation and electricity generation and sales chain.

On 31 October, DTEK launched 240 MW Pokrovska solar power station. The next day, the company also launched a large, 200 MW wind power station.

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