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An expert: economic and security expediency of electricity imports must be analyzed

15 October 2019

Ukraine now allows to import electricity to all three markets: bilateral contracts, day-ahead and intraday

Ukraine has fully opened the possibilities for transborder electricity trade in all three electricity markets: bilateral contracts, day-ahead market and import balancing market. However, it will take time to analyze economic expediency of this decision and its impact on energy security, Svitlana Golikova, an Energy Reforms expert said during the briefing “Conformity of the government’s plan with requirements of the Association Agreement in the energy sector”.

“Last month, the law on the electricity market was amended to allow electricity imports under contracts of all three types from countries outside the Energy Community,” Svitlana Golikova reminded.

The expert said that the consequences of this decision did not make themselves felt yet.

“I think that it will take a while to analyze economic expediency. However, one must not forget about the energy security of this decision as well,” Mrs. Golikova warned.

It is worth reminding that the ban on electricity imports from CIS states was lifted because of the amendment to the law on radiation safety introduced by Andrii Gerus, chairman of the parliament’s energy committee.

Mr. Gerus was reassuring that this amendment had to open Ukraine to electricity imports from Belarus. However, traders began importing electricity from Russia.

In addition, five traders contracted the access to 1100 MW of the cross-border section for electricity imports from Russia in October.

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