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The concept of “green transition” would affect all sectors of economy — DiXi Group expert

21 February 2020

The broad public provided their proposals and reservations concerning the draft concept of “green” energy transition until 2050


Ukrainian Energy reported that speaking at the round table devoted to the concept of “green transition”, DiXi Group expert Bohdan Serebrennikov said that the concept of “green transition” in the energy sector has systemic nature, and therefore, it would affect the entire economy.

“The document presently in the works has a long-term nature. It sets out certain benchmarks, certain areas of development — for 30 years at the least. On the other hand, it has systemic nature, and therefore, it would affect the entire economy, all sectors. Bearing that in mind, our task was to make this process as open, public and inclusive as possible,” Mr. Serebrennikov said.

According to the expert, the key task was to make a document that would have social understanding, trust and support.

“What has been done in that regard? Four focus groups were organized, and the concept itself and the results of mathematical-economic modeling lying at the core of its provisions were presented to each focus group. It allowed us to build a constructive discussion. The first discussion was of intergovernmental type; the second focus group included invited representatives of business community, and after that, a separate focus group was held with participation of the broad public; the last focus group was held with lawyers,” Mr. Serebrennikov added.

In addition, the draft concept was made available on the website of the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection.

“It gave us an idea of how various parts of the society perceive what the Ministry does,” the expert pointed out.

According to Mr. Serebrennikov, almost 40% of proposals were accommodated, either fully or partially. A lot (46%) of proposals will be accommodated in related and lower-level documents.

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