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After the war, the transparent procurement procedure should be improved - Olena Pavlenko

29 September 2022

President of DiXi Group Olena Pavlenko believes that immediately upon completion of the war in Ukraine, the public procurement procedure should be resumed and improved.

“As soon as the war started, the procurements via ProZorro were significantly limited. And it is very important for us to resume or even improve the procurements via ProZorro immediately after the war, as soon as particular threats disappear,” emphasized Olena Pavlenko during the conference “From Resilience to Recovery: the Critical Role for Ukrainian Civil Society”.

According to her, if after the war any foreign companies wish to come to Ukraine to recover the economy, they may face obstacles when participating in the procurements on the ProZorro platform.

“This system may be too complicated for them. We should probably think about how to extend ProZorro to international partnership cooperation between Ukrainian and foreign companies,” suggested the President of DiXi Group.

Olena Pavlenko also considers it important to return to the pre-war format of data disclosure immediately after the end of hostilities. She reminded that after the war started, only in the energy sector about 50-60% of previously open data was closed.

“Some representatives of the authorities are already hinting that not all data can be disclosed after the war. But if you look at the requirements of the European Union, they provide for a much larger data publication. I suspect that the requirements for data publication will be much higher for us as well. And not only in the energy sector, but also in other sectors of the economy,” she believes.

In addition, the President of DiXi Group emphasized the importance of improving the reporting procedure after the war, primarily by state-owned companies and authorities. After all, a large part of corporate reporting is currently closed for security reasons.

“If we want that our foreign donors, partners, and investors trust us, it is very important that there are no misunderstandings around reporting,” emphasized Olena Pavlenko.

The proposals made public by her are a part of the Principles of Recovery and Sustainability jointly developed by DiXi Group, the Institute of Analysis and Advocacy, the Institute of Economic Research and Political Consultations, and the Center for Economic Strategy. These seven principles were presented at the Conference “From Resilience to Recovery: the Critical Role for Ukrainian Civil Society”.

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