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DiXi Group: the energy concept does not give the topmost priority to hydrogen power

21 February 2020

Experts discussed a draft concept of “green” energy transition until 2050


Ukrainian Energy reported that speaking at the round table devoted to the concept of “green transition”, DiXi Group expert Bohdan Serebrennikov said that no particular technology should dominate the process of forming an energy concept.

“We may build a concept in which a particular technology has advantage, but nevertheless, the concept must be technologically neutral. Hydrogen power is not singled out as having the topmost priority. We also took into account various types of alternative gas,” Mr. Serebrennikov said.

Deputy Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection Serhii Maslichenko added that many proposals could be accommodated not in the concept itself but in lower-level documents or in an integrated plan.

“As for the NERP (National Emission Reduction Plan – editor’s note), this work hasn’t been properly done in the past. We are going to intensify it. It must not be a dead document – it must work,” Mr. Maslichenko added.

It is worth reminding that after the merger of the environmental and energy ministries, Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection Oleksii Orzhel promised to revise the Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2035. A new energy strategy of Ukraine will have the logic of development as regards both energy and environmental aspects.

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