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"Green" transition in energy will bring Ukraine closer to EU membership - opinion

23 June 2022

Successful "green" transition will require Ukraine to further synchronize with European legislation and implement strategic goals

In energy matters, a successful "green" transition must be key to Ukraine's membership in the European Union.

This opinion is expressed by Andriy Ursta, DiXi Group analyst, and expert on the project "Mainstreaming sustainable development in Ukraine in line with the European Green Deal."

"Ukraine's "green" transition will require both further synchronization with European legislation and the provision of the necessary administrative, financial and organizational resources to implement legislative changes and strategic goals," Andriy Ursta stressed.

The expert adds that now in the energy sector of both Ukraine and the EU, the number one task is the security of energy supply. And sometimes, in order to achieve this goal, countries resort to measures that do not meet other priorities. In particular, this concerns the "green" transformation of the economy: during the martial law, Ukraine legalized less environmentally friendly fuels of Euro-3 and Euro-4 standards, and Germany and other countries declared their readiness to deconserve coal-fired power plants.

"In such circumstances, there is a temptation to manipulatively oppose security of supply and decarbonization as incompatible goals," warns Andriy Ursta. This will make it possible to abandon Russian fossil fuels without compromising economic growth and while maintaining functioning markets. "

It will be recalled that today, June 23, 2022, the European Parliament adopted a resolution calling on the heads of state and government of the European Union to immediately grant Ukraine the status of a candidate for EU membership. The relevant document was supported by 529 MEPs.

On February 28, Ukraine applied for EU membership following Russia's attack on Ukraine. On June 17, the European Commission issued a positive opinion on granting Ukraine candidate status. The civil society also emphasized this progress and, as a result, Ukraine's readiness to obtain candidate status. Recently, DiXi Group, together with a coalition of partner organizations, published an appeal that is in line with the views, arguments and conclusions of Brussels.

"Brussels justified its decision by the progress of our country in various spheres of public life. In particular, in the energy sector, Ukraine took important steps towards the formation of competitive energy markets - unbundling and certification of main network operators, structural transformation of gas and electricity markets," explains Andriy Ursta, an expert on the project "Mainstreaming sustainable development in Ukraine in line with the European Green Deal."

The project "Mainstreaming sustainable development in Ukraine in line with the European Green Deal" is implemented with the financial support of the European Union. The action is focused on establishing better and more transparent environmental governance by helping to coordinate public policies in a way that mainstreams the European Green Deal principles. 

Implementing partners: DIXI GROUP (coordinator), Resource and Analysis Centre "Society and Environment", Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine (EECU) Association, Ukrainian Leadership Academy, Women’s Energy Club of Ukraine, DZYGA, PLATO.


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