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DiXi Group: Energy Sector in 2021 Should Pay Attention to Three Priorities

29 November 2020

One of the tasks for the next year should be to improve the dialogue between the participants of the energy markets


In 2021, the energy sector should focus on improving three priorities: introducing the measurability indicator when discussing plans and strategies, further disclosing of data, and improving communication between stakeholders. Olena Pavlenko, DiXi Group President, stated at The Dialogues About Reforms: on the Road to Vilnius energy forum, Ukrayinska Energetyka reports.

“I will look at the priorities of 2021 from a slightly different angle as an expert. It seems to me that the main priority is to strengthen the institutional capacity of public authorities and cooperation between them. If this issue is resolved, then I would suggest paying attention to three other important issues... When we discuss strategies, energy and climate plans and the national contribution next year, we will try to apply the measurability indicator to these documents. This will allow building a clear action plan to implement the strategy,” Pavlenko said.

According to her, the second priority should be the digitalization and data discovery.

“It will increase trust in the sector, in politicians... Do not be afraid to reveal information, there is nothing wrong with that,” Pavlenko stressed.

The third point, which, in her opinion, should be paid attention to next year is improving communication between stakeholders.

“It is difficult to work with market participants who are RES producers, there is a question of dialogue with large state-owned companies. This is a difficult question. I currently have no answer on how to establish this dialogue, but obviously we will have to make a lot of efforts,” Pavlenko added.

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