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Ukrainians launched Energy Transparency Index

01 April 2019

The purpose of the Index is to promote higher transparency of energy sector.

Ukrainians launched Energy Transparency Index

Transparency implies the environment, in which actual and potential stakeholders will be able to receive comprehensive, relevant, up-to-date information on energy sector, markets and processes within the energy value chain, analyze it, adjust their behavior, increase their own efficiency and efficiency of the energy sector as a whole.

The main “beneficiaries” of transparency in the energy sector are the final consumers, as their awareness directly affects the ability to protect their rights. A strong interest exists among businesses, including investors and financial institutions who seek better conditions for working in a competitive environment. The Index will be interesting to public officials whose goal is improving regulations in terms of information disclosure, and foreign partners who will obtain understanding of energy policy in Ukraine and of the energy reforms process.

The Energy Transparency Index, on the one hand, is a final product that provides an integrated assessment of the information disclosure in the country’s energy sector and its components, and on the other hand, a universal tool that allows in-depth analysis with breakdown into categories, criteria and certain markets, as well as tracking changes – both in time and in comparison with other countries.

The Index provides both a generalized assessment of the level of transparency of energy sector and a detailed information base for the analysis of its components. Information gaps identified in the process of the Index development and various deficiencies in information disclosure are basis for developing recommendations aimed at increasing openness of the sector, which is an important condition for improving its efficiency.

Energy Transparency Index download.

Detailed assessment table of Energy Transparency Index



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