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Ukrtransgaz: Ukraine’s GTS is fully ready for winter

09 October 2019

Ukrtransgaz reported the 100% completion of preparatory work on the gas transmission system (GTS) for the 2019-2020 heating season, and all subdivisions of the company received certificates of readiness

Ukrtransgaz JSC has completed all work on repair and modernization of Ukraine’s GTS and ensured fulfillment of the underground gas storage (UGS) filling plan, Ukrtransgaz’s press service reports.

"20.8 billion cubic meters of natural gas has been accumulated in Ukraine’s UGSs as of today; this figure is 26% higher than the year before and is a record-high for the last nine years," the company said.

11 bcm of natural gas was injected in gas storage reservoirs during the last five months, which is 2.7 bcm more than during the similar period of last year.

The company also reports the completion of repair and modernization work.

"171.2 km of pipelines, including 388 underwater and 248 above-water sections crossing bodies of water, were inspected according to inspection program schedules. 14.1 km of trunk gas pipelines, 29 gas storage wells and 15 gas pumping plants underwent major overhaul, 12 gas distribution stations were reconstructed, 1034 motor vehicles were repaired, and also, 4910 km of communication lines and 18.2 km of power transmission lines in GTS infrastructure were restored," Ukrtransgaz reported.

In 2019, Naftogaz planned to inject some 20 bcm of gas in underground gas storage (UGS)facilities. This way, the company hoped to avoid risks because of possible discontinuation of gas transit from Russia after expiration of the transit contract with Gazprom on 1 January 2020. In September, Naftogaz claimed that because of the high injection rate, natural gas reserves in underground storage reservoirs may exceed the target figure of 20 bcm.

Oleksii Orzhel, Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection said on 20 September that Ukraine will enter the heating season with 21 bcm of gas in storage reservoirs.


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