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EU gas storage facilities are 61% full

03 March 2023

As of the end of winter, gas storage facilities in the countries of the European Union are 61.1% full (685.5 TWh). Compared to last year’s figure (323.3 TWh), the volume of gas increased more than twice.

According to the data published on Energy Map portal, in particular, in Germany, UGSFs are filled up to 69.5%, in Italy – to 59.8%, in the Netherlands – to 62.7%, and in France – to 41.5%. These countries have the largest gas reserves in the EU.

After the start of Russia’s war against Ukraine, the EU issued an obligation for member states to fill up their storage facilities to 80%, from 2023 – to 90%. Within this commitment, interim targets have been established as of the first day of February, May, July and September 2023.

As of February 1, 2023, 17 out of 18 countries have reached and significantly exceeded the target level of filling UGSFs. Latvia was the only country that slightly missed the target and filled gas storages to 44.4% of the planned 45%.

Download data on gas reserves in European UGSFs. The data contain information on the volume and share of gas in storage facilities, annual consumption, the maximum and actual volume of gas injection and withdrawal, the dynamics of changes in reserves by country and individual storage facilities.

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