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LUKOIL: How to cut the tentacles of russian energy ‘octopus’

18 June 2022

Explore the foreign ties of key Russian energy companies for the elaboration of proposals for expanding sanctions limiting the international influence of the Russian energy sector

LUKOIL: How to cut the tentacles of russian energy ‘octopus’

Lukoil is the biggest private oil producer in Russia and a company with a wide portfolio of foreign assets. As for now, new sanctions for Russian full-scale aggression against Ukraine were not imposed against this company as a corporate subject, despite tight connections of its leadership with Kremlin and Lukoil’s important role in the international trading of Russian oil.
Therefore, it is essential to look at all the tentacles of this Russian energy 'octopus’. The think tank DiXI Group defined proposals on how Lukoil’s tentacles could be effectively cut off.

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