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Electricity Suppliers’ Ranking: companies are gradually developing competencies

24 November 2021

DiXi Group experts are unanimous that the retail electricity market is yet to come of age

Electricity Suppliers’ Ranking: companies are gradually developing competencies

Suppliers in the electricity market continue to show progress. Compared to the previous issue of the Electricity Suppliers’ Ranking, the average score of companies has risen by 18%, while the degree of their sophistication continues to level out, DiXi Group expert Bohdan Serebrennikov said during the Ranking’s presentation, Ukrainian Energy reports.

The Ranking traditionally features the top 50 electricity suppliers, selected in terms of the supply volume and the number of consumers. The sample for the latest issue was updated, and six new companies were added.

“Suppliers are gradually improving their market practices. The average score of companies has already reached 0.422, rising by 18% compared to the previous Ranking. We also see the accelerating growth rate. This progress indicates that companies are developing their competencies of competing for customers. We saw that back at the data gathering stage. Another conclusion is this: a gradual approximation of companies to each other continues, and the gap between them is narrowing,” the expert said.

All suppliers are divided into three groups: “leaders”, “middle performers” and “hidden reserves”. Like in the Ranking’s previous issue, only three suppliers made it to the “leaders” group, while the number of “middle performers” has significantly increased, from 27 to 38, after 11 companies migrated in there from the “hidden reserves” group, where the number of companies has declined from 20 to 9. Amid the significant growth of the average score, the degree of sophistication has risen the most visibly in the “hidden reserves” group. A significant gap between the “leaders” and “middle performers” groups can still be observed, but nevertheless, it is gradually narrowing: the average score of the “leaders” is 83% higher than that of the “middle performers”, and the score of the bottom-placed company in the “leaders” group (0.792) is 23% higher than the score of the top-ranked company in the “middle performers” group (0.644).

DiXi Group points out that this Ranking is an efficient instrument for regular evaluation of companies based on a set of indicators, and therefore, it can help increase competition and transparency in the electricity market.

“Considering that companies pay close attention to the Ranking, it does perform its role. Consumers will be able to receive services of better quality and more information from electricity suppliers. We compile the Ranking independently and without any outside influence. Our task is to be as objective as possible,” DiXi Group President Olena Pavlenko said.

It is worth reminding that the Ranking is a regular product compiled every six months. This issue is the Ranking’s second release in 2021. Its metrics include online services, commercial offers, consumer awareness, transparency and business activity of suppliers. At the same time, the prices offered by companies to consumers are not subject to assessment – for that purpose, another instrument is used.

The most recent issue of the Ranking is available here.

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