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The methods of combating misinformation in the field of nuclear energy

05 October 2023

As part of the project of Kyiv School of Energy Policy, VoxCheck experts prepared an analysis of strategies for combating hostile disinformation.

The methods of combating misinformation in the field of nuclear energy
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The two main methods of countering disinformation, regardless of its origin and content, are debunking and prebunking. All the actors we have discussed apply these methods in countering energy-related disinformation.

The formats depend on capabilities and specific activities.

Fact-checkers are more focused on directly debunking fakes, while international organizations and governments are more focused on preventive measures, largely through educational initiatives.

Technology companies are aimed at improving practical tools for both methods: establishing internal fact-checking departments, supporting creative initiatives of non-governmental organizations, and developing interactive educational applications.

The ongoing Russian disinformation campaign amidst the war in Ukraine poses new challenges and tasks for them, which can only be addressed through mutual cooperation. Currently, the actors are actively communicating with each other and creating joint projects. However, there is still ample room for further collaboration.

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