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The Ministry of Energy assumes the restriction of electricity supply until the end of the heating season
The Ministry of Energy does not rule out that by the end of the heating season, electricity supply restriction schedules will have to be applied due to material damage to power generation and transmission systems.
02 January 2023,10:41
Households increased capacity of private SPPs by 78% in 2022
The installed capacity of solar power plants of private households in Ukraine reached 1,385 MW as of the end of the third quarter of 2022. This is 78% more as compared to data as of the end of 2021.
25 November 2022,19:18
DiXi Group recommends the government to establish a “green” bank for recovery purposes
The DiXi Group think-tank recommends the Cabinet of Ministers and the National Bank of Ukraine to establish a “green” bank to finance the country’s “green” post-war recovery.
20 October 2022,11:56
DiXi Group recommends the state to resume industrial pollution reform
The DiXi Group think-tank recommends the Cabinet of Ministers and the Verkhovna Rada to resume work on the draft law “On Integrated Prevention and Control of Industrial Pollution”.
06 October 2022,14:57
After the war, the transparent procurement procedure should be improved - Olena Pavlenko
President of DiXi Group Olena Pavlenko believes that immediately upon completion of the war in Ukraine, the public procurement procedure should be resumed and improved.
29 September 2022,18:57
"Green" transition in energy will bring Ukraine closer to EU membership - opinion
Successful "green" transition will require Ukraine to further synchronize with European legislation and implement strategic goals
23 June 2022,17:52
Ukrainians in Brussels called on international energy companies to reveal the truth about business ties with Russia
The art installation depicted that the opacity of international energy-producing and trading and trading corporations that continue to work in or with Russia leads to the continuation of the war killing Ukrainians
20 June 2022,15:52
Civil society calls on EITI for efficient actions to stop Russian aggression in Ukraine
International NGOs released a statement calling on all EITI supporting companies and governments to take real actions to stop supporting Russia in its aggression against Ukraine
14 June 2022,13:02
Redirection of Russian gas to the territory of Ukraine may be viable
Transfer of NS-1 volumes to the Ukrainian route will be an act of EU solidarity, experts say
06 May 2022,19:13
Russia must find itself without international markets for energy resources - expert
DiXi Group President Olena Pavlenko calls for tougher sanctions on Russian oil and gas sales
04 May 2022,14:02
Russia's Novatek gas plants in Poland are controlled by the government
Russia's Novatek gas company has threatened to blow up its gas tanks in Poland in response to sanctions. Now the Polish state-owned company controls its equipment
02 May 2022,22:56
Expert: The energy system needs 250 million euros monthly support
The President of the DiXi Group talked about possible sources for financing the support of the Ukrainian energy system
14 April 2022,19:21
Europe does not accept Putin's gas ultimatum
The reaction of Europeans to the Kremlin's idea to accept payment for Russian gas exported to "unfriendly" countries in rubles is clear and understandable - "no"
04 April 2022,15:10
The rent for gas production is increased during the martial law
Verkhovna Rada approves bill on which rent for gas production will be calculated at a higher rate
16 March 2022,12:35
Ukrainian activists lead global demand to end fossil fuel addiction feeding Putin’s war machine
The signatories urge governments to use all nonviolent means necessary to stop Putin and his war machine, restore peace, and end this egregious murderous aggression
04 March 2022,16:30
Experts ask the Energy Ministry to resume publication of coal stock data
Last year, publication of this data was regarded as an achievement
10 December 2021,16:18
Stefanishyna: Ukraine has moderate optimism as regards offsetting threats from Nord Stream 2
Since Ukrainian companies were admitted to certification of Nord Stream 2, we hope that our interests will be taken into account
01 December 2021,19:59
Integration of the power system into ENTSO-E is climbing up the agenda: expert
The resilience of Ukraine’s power system in the conditions of the current heating season causes a lot of questions
19 November 2021,14:18
The law does not specify what data will be used in gas bills: expert
To calculate gas volumes in energy units, meter readings will be multiplied by the averaged values of higher heat of gas combustion for the gas route
11 November 2021,11:55
The section with special extraction permit data needs to be supplemented: DiXi Group
In June 2021, the National Security and Defense Council ordered a public audit of all special extraction permits issued since 1994. In October, the relevant data became available on the State Geological Portal
05 November 2021,21:15