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Decision concerning Nord Stream 2 is an interim victory: DiXi Group experts
DiXi Group experts Roman Nitsovych and Anastasia Synytsia said in their commentary that the decision of German regulatory authority, BNetzA, concerning the legal framework in which Nord Stream 2 can operate represents an interim victory of Ukraine, Ukrainian Energy reports.
18 May 2020,13:16230
Klympush-Tsyntsadze: Endorsement of energy legislation by the European Commission is of benefit for Ukraine
We need to build a trilateral interaction: Ukrainian government, European Commission and Energy Community.
28 April 2020,17:52205
Fuel price in Ukraine is influenced by three factors – DiXi Group expert
Ukrainian petrol filling stations have responded to the global trend in the collapse in oil prices only two weeks later
15 April 2020,18:06544
Ukraine won’t give up conventional energy
The growing share of “green” energy will demand greater flexibility from the power system.
20 March 2020,08:54459
NEURC will provide license information in the open data format
The energy regulator updated its register of licensed companies as part of the project supported by DiXi Group.
19 March 2020,17:33150
DiXi Group expert: report on assessing conformity of generating capacities is a standard forecasting instrument
Recently, the Ukrainian regulatory agency has for the first time approved the report on assessing conformity (sufficiency) of generating capacities, prepared by Ukrenergo NPC PrJSC.
17 March 2020,09:07292
Ukraine transits gas between EU states for the first time
A German energy trader ordered transmission of natural gas from Hungary to Slovakia via Ukraine, Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine (GTSOU).
16 March 2020,09:19349
United States and Ukraine agree on LNG deliveries to Ukraine via terminals in Poland
The operator in this project will be either Trunk Gas Pipelines of Ukraine or Naftogaz of Ukraine NJSC.
14 March 2020,15:38309
“Green” bonds will raise funds for СО2 emission reduction projects in Ukraine
Investors across the world show the increasing interest in projects helping reduce СО2 emissions.
14 March 2020,09:35293
А plan for requalification of coal miners must be ready as soon as this year — Olena Pavlenko
Sooner or later, coal mines in Ukraine will be closed down, and therefore, coal miners must be retrained
25 February 2020,15:35806
DiXi Group: the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection must work with gas suppliers to make sure they are avail
The gas market for households is expected to be launched in Ukraine on 1 May
25 February 2020,15:31616
The concept of “green transition” would affect all sectors of economy — DiXi Group expert
The broad public provided their proposals and reservations concerning the draft concept of “green” energy transition until 2050
21 February 2020,18:02820
DiXi Group: the energy concept does not give the topmost priority to hydrogen power
Experts discussed a draft concept of “green” energy transition until 2050
21 February 2020,15:52763
DixiGroup expert: Likelihood of renewal of Russian gas supplies has increased
There were no and there are no legal restrictions on the supply of Russian gas
21 January 2020,19:501299
DixiGroup: Possibility of continuing the transit for another 10 years is rather illusory
Gazprom's strategy will be to renegotiate agreements with European consumers and to completely exclude the Ukrainian gas supply route.
21 January 2020,19:381369
DixiGroup: Ukraine with a new transit contract has received a number of opportunities
Russia's plans to deprive our country of profitable business and launch all bypass pipelines have not been implemented
21 January 2020,18:391343
DiXi Group expert: Nord Stream 2 was slowed down by three factors
Russia will now resort to information weapons to complete the pipeline
03 January 2020,15:511405
DiXi Group President: Russia can be not only a supplier but also a transit country
Europe could receive real diversification of gas supply sources
03 January 2020,15:371375
DiXi Group: the new law on the NEURC defines the regulator’s status not clearly enough
The absence of a clear definition of the procedure for interaction between the Government and the energy regulator creates risks for the NEURC’s independent and professional operation
20 December 2019,13:101726
A pilot project of electronic EITI reporting will be launched in February 2020
Two companies have already agreed to test the new system’s functional
20 December 2019,12:141909
Regulators and policymakers in the energy sector still have “black boxes”
Public authorities disclose sectoral information late, incompletely and not in a machine-readable format
13 December 2019,14:363182
A Dixi Group expert: the lowering of power grid connection fees will be felt by large players only
The cheaper cost of connecting to power grids will be visible for power plants with the capacity of over 1 MW
28 November 2019,16:021540
SAUEZM wants the Exclusion Zone to be zoned according to IAEA’s safety regulations
The radioactively contaminated area will be zoned on the basis of its possible usage scenarios
27 November 2019,17:541829