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USAID may join in to help develop the green bonds market in Ukraine
The State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation is interested in the American experience concerning tax stimulation of the green bonds market
28 July 2021,14:15
Monitoring by Gasotheque in August: one supplier raises annual price
Like in July, prices from most companies do not exceed 9 hryvnias per cubic meter. The five leaders offering the lowest prices did not change, either.
27 July 2021,16:16
The “carbon border” set to become fully operational in 2026
The draft CBAM regulation envisages a special legal regime for countries – signatory parties to EU association agreements
24 July 2021,19:36
According to an expert, Russia will not transport gas simultaneously through NS 2 and Ukraine
As of now, Nord Stream 2 has a great chance to be completed
26 May 2021,09:36
Expert: the government is probably not yet ready for fundamental reforms of the PSO in the electricity market
It is necessary to bring electricity prices for households to the market level not by one-time “shock therapy” but in stages
24 May 2021,15:20
According to an expert, the public needs the best tools for effective participation in EIA
Public activity increases when society sees the results of its involvement in the process
21 May 2021,15:57
Last week, RES produced more electricity than thermal generation for the first time
In general, the share of generation that does not produce greenhouse gas emissions covered 83% of total consumption in Ukraine on this day
19 May 2021,11:37
A barometer of consumer sentiments in the energy sector in 2018-2020
Ukrainians are concerned the most about the tariffs and quality of energy supply services: what exactly should the government and businesses pay attention to?
14 April 2021,14:22
Conference “Transparency and Accountability of extractive sector during pandemic and energy transition”
The online conference “Transparency and Accountability of extractive sector during pandemic and energy transition” will be held on March 30 at 2 pm (Kyiv time) on the Zoom platform.
15 March 2021,20:26
Experts named the industrial sectors where Ukraine can grow within the Green Deal framework
These are biodiversity protection, sustainable agriculture (organic fertilizers and organic foods), clean energy (in particular, production and transmission of hydrogen), digital technologies, building materials and biofuels
24 February 2021,13:32
Expert: opening the database of benefit recipients would create more preconditions for changing a gas supplier
The Ministry of Social Policy simplified the procedure of changing a supplier for subsidy recipients, yet the exchange of data between various registers is traditionally very poor in Ukraine
12 February 2021,12:54
Gasotheque: 11 gas suppliers offer February prices below the maximum
More than 60 companies published their February prices, and there were as many as 11 offers below the maximum price
28 January 2021,09:00
DiXi Group expert: fixing the gas price will produce only a temporary effect
The danger of price regulation is that it not only preserves old problems but also breeds new ones
27 January 2021,15:16
Pavlenko: horizontal communication between government agencies as regards the European Green Deal becomes critical
Government agencies must become a “single” voice talking in a language understandable for the EU
19 January 2021,14:45
DiXi Group urges improvement of draft laws on the housing and utilities inspectorate
The adoption of the draft laws 4403 and 4404 in their present form poses a number of threats to stable operation of Ukraine’s housing and utilities sector and to fulfilment of commitments under the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement
16 January 2021,12:51
The International Energy Transparency Index Should Become a Permanent Practice – Experts
On December 17, 2020, the results of the first study of the Energy Transparency Index for the three Eastern Partnership countries - Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia - were presented
17 December 2020,16:00
Most of the Adopted Legislative Acts on the Coal Industry has not been Implemented — DiXi Group
2017 concept # 733 was not implemented. Key targets were not achieved, the action plan remained unfulfilled
04 December 2020,19:00
Energy Transparency Index: Energy Sector Information Openness Has Improved
DiXi Group has analyzed energy sectors and identified regulatory gaps that lead to distortions of competition and increase corruption risks in the industry
03 December 2020,16:24
DiXi Group: Energy Sector in 2021 Should Pay Attention to Three Priorities
One of the tasks for the next year should be to improve the dialogue between the participants of the energy markets
29 November 2020,23:09
DiXi Group: creation of the Decarbonization Fund is a step in the right direction
In order to achieve significant effect in decarbonization of the economy, the government will have to take into account certain important aspects of filling the Decarbonization Fund, DiXi Group expert Daryna Kulaha wrote in her commentary.
13 November 2020,16:45