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Valigura: The suspension of Ukraine’s membership in EITI would send a negative signal to international investors
30 October 2019,10:34601
USAID will help Ukraine with the transition of gas metering to kilowatt-hours
USAID Energy Security Project will help develop legislative changes required for the transition from cubic meters to energy units for operations in the gas sector
24 October 2019,17:34338
Energy Community: the Gerus draft law overregulates the market
The Energy Community Secretariat believes that Ukraine must use the existing market instruments and regulators instead of creating more limitations
22 October 2019,15:46225
Ukrtransgaz tested the operation of Soyuz gas pipeline in reverse mode
06 September 2019,13:23483
The AMCU gave Firtash 9 months for Ostchem division
For the first time since 1995, the Committee has applied the requirement of forced separation to Ukrainian enterprises
05 September 2019,12:55517
The court allowed detention of the former Chairman of NEURC – Sytnyk
Vovk's lawyer could not confirm this information
05 September 2019,12:27443
Construction of a safe confinement has been officially completed at Chornobyl NPP
The power plant has received a Safe Confinement Internal Systems Operational Readiness Certificate
04 September 2019,10:02376
Interconnector between Ukraine and Poland to ensure a reverse of 1 billion cubic meters of gas at first stage – Orzhel
Ukraine will be able to expect a significant increase in gas volumes in the near future, given Poland's plans to boost capacity at the Świnoujście LNG terminal and to build a terminal in Gdańsk
02 September 2019,11:43490
Electricity for industry can be reduced by 20%
The Presidential representative in the government calls three steps to reduce electricity prices for non-domestic customers
19 August 2019,20:20664
The EIB will credit the development of bioenergy in Ukraine
The Bank has decided to allocate EUR 250 million for biomass energy projects
16 August 2019,10:14754
Winner of "Ukraine-EU Energy Bridge" project is determined
The Commission announced a sole contestant as the winner
15 August 2019,15:26588
"Green" stations increased electricity production by 2.5 times in July
In recent months, more and more renewable energy stations have been put into operation in Ukraine
13 August 2019,11:50489
Ukraine has maximized its capacity to import gas from Europe
Reducing gas prices in Europe ahead of seasonal growth encourages Ukrainian traders to boost imports
12 August 2019,10:09533
Disproportion between intraday and balancing electricity markets may indicate anticompetitive actions
The situation needs to be investigated, and possibly needs the intervention of regulators, as well.
08 August 2019,17:221192
The decision on the tariffs for water utilities should be made only after the economic impact assessment
Both the Regulator and the Government should be involved in developing the tariff decision for water utilities, since it is possible to raise water tariffs for end consumers or to change the PSO.
07 August 2019,18:58419
Russia's share in diesel fuel supplies to Ukraine will drop to 15-25%
Ukraine has shifted its focus to supplies from Belarus, the EU and sea routes
06 August 2019,18:27559
Ukraine may replace fuel supplies from Russia by sea supplies
The Minister of Infrastructure assured that there is no threat to Ukraine in stopping fuel supplies from Russia
06 August 2019,17:15607
Ukraine has significantly increased its gas imports in 2019
Against the backdrop of a possible Russian gas transit halt, Ukraine is increasing gas imports and pumping into storages
05 August 2019,15:28485
Derzhgeonadr has put up for sale five oil-and-gas fields
The total starting value of the fields is over UAH 270 million
05 August 2019,11:45413
EBRD invests EUR 120 million in NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine bonds
In total, the company issued bonds worth EUR 600 million and USD 335 million
03 August 2019,10:34481
Foreign companies store nearly 1.4 billion cubic meters in Ukrainian underground gas storage facilities
Companies store gas in Ukraine without customs clearance in "customs warehouse" mode
02 August 2019,15:20518
Russia may start new 'gas war' against Ukraine in Jan 2020 – Naftogaz CEO
Russia wants to start a new gas war with Ukraine, and everyone - from the Ukrainian president and ministries to Naftogaz - must act to foil these plans, Naftogaz CEO Andriy Kobolyev has said in an interview with the Voice of America international broadcaster.
20 May 2019,15:57415
U.S. counts on cooperation with President Zelensky - energy secretary
The United States is ready to continue to support the Ukrainian people and is looking forward to working with new Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.
20 May 2019,15:47402